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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The End Of The Beginning

Unfortunately, this is not a game recap. If you were expecting one, my apologies...please click on one of those links to your right.

No, this post is to inform you that I will be shutting down this site soon.  Unfortunately, I have new management at my company and they have a new policy forbidding their employees from running/operating blogs.  Part of it is because we are not allowed to make any additional income outside of our paychecks (ha! like I was making any money off of this anyway) and part of it is because they don't want us bashing other sports teams/players/personnel since many of these public figures are considered our peers.

With that said, my shallowest  deepest apologies to Alexander Burrows, P.K. Subban, Matt Carkner, Daniel Carcillo, Danny Briere, Ilya Kovalchuk, The New York Islanders, Gary Bettman, anyone who works in NHL Marketing, Versus, Darryl Sutter, any GM who has traded with Glen Sather and made him look good, etc, etc.

Oh, Mike Milbury and Ken Campbell...go ___ yourself :)

The good news is that I literally read this new policy about 100 times and nowhere does it state that I am barred from using twitter. It also doesn't mention anything about not being able to contribute to other blogs. So if anyone is looking to add an over opinionated suit to their roster, let me know.

If I do end up contributing to another blog, I will let everyone know before I shut this site down. Till then, thank you for reading.

Let's Go Rangers!